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Ventura Pierpont and Ventura Keys

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Welcome to Ventura, the California City by the sea. Some of the most beautiful beaches and extraordinary California beach communities can be found here.

Looking for a beach-home or water-front dock-home? Ventura is a good place to begin your search. From modest beach cottages to impressive ocean-front or water-front dock-homes, Ventura has something to offer for everyone.


There are two major beach communities in Ventura. The first is Pierpont which is a collection of beach homes, all near the beach or within short walking distance to the beach. The second is the Ventura Keys. Here you will find water-front homes, most with a private dock to moor your boat.


People love these areas because they have a true sense of community and a relaxed, resort style of living.

Pierpont and the Ventura Keys are two very unique Ventura County Beach communities located in the City of Ventura, California.


To visit Pierpont and the Ventura Keys areas, exit Highway 101 at Seaward Avenue, turn towards the ocean and drive to Pierpont Boulevard. Each street off of Pierpont Boulevard (“The Lanes”) leads to the beach and is lined with beach homes and beach cottages.

On the other side of the Ventura Keys is a large senior citizen mobile home park. All of the Pierpont and Ventura Keys beach neighborhoods in this area are within walking distance to the Ventura beach and other area attractions. Spectacular beaches and the Ventura Harbor are just two of these attractions. By boat or air you can visit Channel Islands National Park.

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