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Types of Beach homes you can find in Ventura County CA

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Types of Beach Homes

Ventura County Beach Cottages in Ventura County

Pierpont, Hollywood Beach, Silver Stand Beach side cottages

Ventura County beach side cottage

Home buyers can look for the older Ventura County "beach cottage" in the beach communities of Pierpont, Hollywood Beach and Silver Stand and Hollywood by the Sea. A beach cottage is usually defined as an older home with less than 1000 square feet.

Pierpont has the highest priced beach cottages with Hollywood beach coming in second and Silver Strand and Holly by the sea holding third place on values.

In the last 10 years many of the beach cottages have been replaced with larger homes. For example ocean front cottages facing the sand are virtually non existent.

A beach cottage is sometimes a great alternative to a beach area town home in that you can perhaps get a larger than average yard and be closer to the beach or waters edge.

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