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Ventura County Beaches

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Ventura County Sandy Beaches

Miles and Miles of beaches

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Mussel Shoals

Mussel Shoals Beach, Oil Piers Beach

Pitas Point

Faria County Park

Solimar Beach

Solimar Beach, Rincon Parkway South

In Ventura

Emma Wood State Beach, Ventura County Fairgrounds Beach / Seaside Park / Promenade Park, San Buenaventura State Beach, Marina Park, Peninsula Beach, Surfers Knoll, McGrath State Beach

In Oxnard

Mandalay County Park, Oxnard State Beach, Hollywood Beach, Channel Islands Harbor, Silver Strand Beach, Port Hueneme Beach Park, Ormond Beach, Point Mugu Beach, Thornhill Broome Beach, Sycamore Cove Beach, County Line Beach, Staircase Beach

Homes on the sand ... Ventura County Ocean Front or Near Ocean Front Homes