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Westport, Port Marluna and White Sails

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Ventura Counties Newest Beach Community

Seabridge (2006 - 2007) is the newest development in the Oxnard, Ventura County beach areas. Seabridge is made up of new town homes, new luxury homes and a village complete with a variety of shops and restaurants. Seabridge's residential marina communities encompass two gated islands (Coral Island and Shell Island) which feature a variety of detached homes, some with private boat slip opportunities. On the mainland, an array of attached designs are available. Bridges connect island and village, so residents can stroll to village shops and restaurants, as well as to the Coral Island private recreational areas. The true marina lifestyle of Seabridge flows through this thoughtfully designed, prestigious environment. Here, life in and around the marina is perpetually inviting. Home owners have a real since of community where friends gather at the pool side, or stroll across to the village café to enjoy a fresh cappuccino. There are many amenities to be enjoyed at Seabridge.

Port Meridian - Coral Island - Single-Family Detached 2,653 to 2,868 Square Feet - some homes have access to boat slips

Port Province - Coral Island - Single-Family Detached 3,060 to 3,495 Square Feet some with boat docks / slips.

Port Haviland - Shell Island - Single-Family Detached 3,129 to 3,748 Square Feet with boat docks and boat slips

Port Oceano - Victoria Ave. - Town homes - 1,117 to 1,459 Square Feet

Port Marluna - Victoria Ave. Single- Level Flats 1,720 to 2,015 Square Feet

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"In a vibrant Pacific backdrop, alongside Channel Islands Harbor, Seabridge invites you to discover the quintessential California opportunity today, and embark on your long awaited residential marina lifestyle."

Westport & White Sails

Westport also is a new community. Started in 2005 and completed in 2006 Westport and Whitesails is an incredible community of homes, town homes and neighborhood shops. Westport at Mandalay Bay offers

  • A waterfront promenade walkway with enchanting views of the waterways
  • Public and private boat docks and other boater-related facilities
  • Retail centers with restaurant, coffee kiosk, deli, and market
  • Immaculate neighborhood park with Scenic waterfront vistas
  • State-of-the-art vita-course exercise stations
  • Comfortable picnic tables
  • Barbecue facilities
  • Play area for small children
  • Convenient restroom facility and off-street parking

White Sails is a collection of 88 artfully crafted condominiums perched above private boat slips in the Channel Islands Harbor.

White Sails brings the style, sophistication and innovation of premiere builder, John Laing Homes, to Westport with unique attached living perfect for those buyers who want to enjoy a vacation lifestyle year-round. All Whitesails residents can relax indoors with two to three bedrooms and two and one-half baths in up to approximately 1,968 square feet, while some can even experience the outdoor fun of having access to a boat slip.

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