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City of Ventura and Ventura Keys: you will find the beach side communities of Pierpoint and the Ventura Keys. Here you will find Ocean front homes, inboard beach homes and cottages and water front channel dock homes.

Ventura North is the area between Ventura and Santa Barbara County. With the exception of North Beach most all the homes in this area are ocean front. The four major ocean front communities here are Solimar, Faria, Sea Cliff and Mussel Shoals.

Oxnard Shores and Mandalay Beach, located off Channel Island Blvd. are a mixtures of exclusive Ocean Front homes,
inboard beach homes and affordable town homes.

Hollywood Beach is a strip of ocean front homes, beach homes and town homes. Every property in this
neighborhood is within an a stones throw of the ocean and sandy beach. Most homes here have views of either the ocean or harbor.

Mandalay Bay, Seabridge and Westport are communities of Water Front Dock homes accessed through the Channel Island
Harbor. All homes and town homes face directly onto the water and most have private boat docks.

Silver Strand and Hollywood by the sea are located directly across the channel from Hollywood beach. Here you will find
ocean front homes, beach homes and cottages. This section of beach homes is sandwiched in between the Channel Island Harbor
and Port Hueneme Harbor and is bordered on side by naval base.

Port Hueneme beach side town homes and beach homes are located on the other side of Port Hueneme Harbor. Here you will
find five gated town home complexes and a serves small groups of single family homes. Many of the town homes here enjoy
ocean views and have easy access to the beach.

Select the type of Ventura County Beach Home or Water Front Home you are looking for.

  1. Ventura County Ocean Front Homes
  2. Ventura County water front / dock homes
  3. Inboard - beach homes that sit back from the beach from one house to 2 blocks away from the beach
  4. Cottages - usually purchased as second home beach cottages can be found in three areas, Pierpont, Hollywood beach, Silverstrand.
  5. Beach Side Town homes and condominiums
  6. Beach Side Mobile Homes

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